Are your paid search campaigns performing well?

We can help you boost Your paid search Performance with a thorough, in-depth review of your campaigns, ads and keywords to uncover waste and opportunities.
Our PPC team has built hundreds of successful PPC campaigns for clients big and small so we know exactly what to look for.


In our audit we will examine your PPC campaign from various points:

  1. Tracking conversions: Without knowing what works and what doesn’t you are throwing your money away. We will make sure that your campaigns are connected to your analytics account and that the various goals and paths are tracked accordingly.
  2. Campaign settings: We will review your campaign settings to make sure you are targeting the right audiences, the right network, mobile vs. desktop users etc.
  3. Campaign structure: Are your ad groups focused on specific keywords? Do you have multiple ads per ad group? Are your ad groups optimized? Are your keywords “match type” properly set?
  4. Ad extensions: Ad extensions are powerful way to reach clients. Review extensions, address, phone, call outs etc.
  5. Negative keywords: Some campaigns we built in the past have thousands of negative keywords because using negative keywords is a powerful way to prevent “accidental” clicks and focus your clicks on the users intent who really matter.

Stop wasting time and opportunities and Contact us to conduct a PPC audit today!