Google Adwords pay per click

We’ve been using Google Adwords since 2004 and spent millions of dollars and generated thousands of leads, clients and sales for our clients since.

Ohana Media helps our clients expand their market share and increase sales opportunities using PPC advertising as we are focused on analytics and data-driven marketing.

Google AdWords offers a variety of paid search advertising options, you can choose to use PPC/CPC (pay per click) on the search network, CPM (Cost-per-impression) on the display network or a mix of both.

  • Google Search Network includes the Google search pages, Google search partners, Google maps & Google shopping
  • Google Display Network includes YouTube, Gmail, Google play apps and over 2 million partner websites that show Google’s ads on their websites.

Google Adwords facts:

  • 36% of PPC clicks have local intent – Local users are looking for a service or a product in their area and they are ready to make a decision
  • 53% of Paid Clicks are From a Mobile Device – Mobile users are increasing every day and they are ready to shop, ready to ask for a quote or estimate
  • An Average of 200% ROI for Paid Advertising – Google claims that for every $1 spent in their Adwords platform the advertiser will earn $2 in revenue.
  • 65% of Customers Click On Ads When Purchasing – More than half (65%) of all customers click through a link to buy, which means that if you are not utilizing PPC campaigns in your business, you’re missing out on a ton of business.
  • Brand Awareness Can Be Boosted 80% Through Ads – if you’re looking for a way to improve your brand’s visibility, PPC advertising can be one of your best options as many businesses choose paid advertising to “buy” their way onto the 1st page of Google.

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