Display advertising


Display marketing focuses on making an immediate impact on those who see your advertisements, by utilizing images, video and audio to grab their attention. Whilst some digital marketing agencies are so focused on PPC campaigns and search engine optimization techniques that they appear to be overlooking the power of display marketing, Ohana Media is not one of them. We do of course offer our customers a comprehensive range of services that includes both pay-per-click campaign management and SEO but we are also very aware of the power of properly designed display advertisements and recommend all our customers at least consider taking advantage of what they have to offer.

How to Use Display Marketing

Companies are normally trying to achieve one of two goals when using display adverts:

  • Direct Response – This is exactly what it sounds like: adverts that seek to elicit a direct response from the target audience, in much the same way that PPC advertisements do. The desired response is almost always the clicking of a link to a corporate website but it could also be the dialing of a telephone number or a completely different kind of response.
  • Brand Awareness – Companies that are either trying to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in a new market sector or defending an established position against newcomers need to ensure that they remain in the public eye as much as possible. One way to ensure that brand awareness remains high is by placing eye-catching display advertisements on the pages of high-traffic websites.

There are other goals that you can pursue with the powerful tool of display marketing so please feel free to call and discuss your requirements whatever they may be. Our innovative, flexible approach makes us the ideal partner for many different types of display marketing campaigns.

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