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We offer a comprehensive SEO service for both new and established sites. A website that has been evaluated and tweaked by a team of optimization experts can attract significantly more traffic from search engines and our team of specialists will look at all aspects of your online presence to ensure that both on-site and off-site factors are fully optimized. Although we treat each case individually, we generally follow a well-established protocol with each website that we tackle:

  1. A Thorough Audit – Before we do anything to your site, we need to establish exactly where you stand right now. We will perform a comprehensive audit, examining many factors such as keyword density and placement, what your competitors are doing, the content on every page of your website, how it is structured, your current link profile and how each page ranks in search engine results at the moment.

2. A Detailed Report – From the above audit, we will generate a detailed report covering both the existing factors we have examined and our proposals for the future. These proposals will vary from site to site but may include recommendations for content campaigns, acquiring citations and a plan to fully integrate your social media presence.

3. Acting on Plans – Once you have approved our proposals, we can get down to the serious work of building or rebuilding your online reputation, acquiring positive links, removing those that are unhelpful, addressing any search engine penalties you may have incurred and optimizing the content on each page for the most relevant keywords and phrases that we have identified.

4. Monitoring & Responding – As we improve your link profile, develop new content that is more likely to appeal to both your target audience and the major search engine algorithms, and make various other changes (both on and off-site), we will closely monitor the effect that these changes are having on your website’s rankings. By studying the effect of each change, we can fine tune our approach to maximise the gains in traffic you enjoy as a result of our search engine optimization work.

Whatever the state of your website at the moment, we can help you to attract more traffic using legitimate, approved SEO techniques that will not result in any penalties in the future. Good content, relevant keywords and a natural link profile are the key aspects that will help to move your site up the rankings.