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Paid Search

Appearing at the top of organic search engine results is the holy grail for many SEO consultants and their customers but if fast results are what you need then a well-designed PPC campaign could be your best option, at least until the organic search engine optimization techniques you employ have been given time to work. At Ohana Media, we have one of the best Pay-Per-Click advertising teams in the business, enabling us to achieve fantastic results, even with the smallest of budgets.

Relevant, Reliable, Revenue Producers

PPC Advertisements such as Google AdWords can be extremely effective when the right keywords and phrases are included in a short, but compelling, sales message. Whilst the amount of money that you are willing to spend for each click that your adverts receive plays a major part in deciding how often it will appear on results pages, quality is of equal importance and could help you to get more exposure for less money!

The relevance that your landing page has to the keywords you are targeting, as well as the click through rate you are able to achieve, will have a big effect on the frequency with which your adverts appear. In other words, a skilfully put together set of adverts created by our PPC team could save you a lot of money and increase your company’s exposure considerably at the same time.

Managing Your Campaign in the Most Effective Way Possible

There are numerous options available to companies that decide to use services such as Google AdWords to advertise their business and for newcomers the sheer choice can be very confusing. Should you run your ads on a national basis, segment them by match type and vary your click budget at different times of the year? If you are not even sure what some of these questions mean, you definitely need our experienced team of experts to help you negotiate the world of online PPC advertising. We will provide you with a top campaign manager to fine tune your Google AdWords settings, in order to maximise your ROI.

Don’t Most People Just Ignore Online Advertisements?

If you are referring to annoying pop-up ads and intrusive banners, the answer is yes as far as most web users are concerned. However, PPC ads that appear on search engine results pages have proven to be one of the most effective online marketing tools available to small businesses in the 21st century.