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Social Marketing

We have a great track record for creating social media channels that not only increase the public profile of the businesses concerned but lead to an increase in revenue too. If you would like to know how we can help you to utilise the power of social marketing, call us today and ask to speak to a member of our sales team. In the meantime, please take a look at the following points concerning social media for small businesses, which outline just why it is so important.

  • Engaging with Your Customers – This is the most commonly cited reason that SEO consultants give when asked why a social media presence is so vital and although we agree that engaging with your customers is of course very important, it is perhaps not the biggest reason that firms invest in social marketing these days. At Ohana Media, we think that the following two reasons are equally important.
  • Search Engine Rankings – The number of times that a piece of content is shared on Facebook and other social media networks can greatly increase its relevance as far as the major search engines are concerned. Both Google and Bing have admitted that social media links are taken into account
  • when assessing the importance of individual pages so it is well worth ensuring that your site receives plenty of attention from such sources. Furthermore, the number of followers your corporate page has and the number of people you follow will affect how seriously the links that you yourself post on Facebook and Twitter are taken.
  • Driving Traffic to Your Site – If you build a popular social media page that attracts many followers, the links that you include in your posts could generate a huge amount of traffic to your corporate website. For this reason alone, it is an excellent idea for your company to establish a strong online presence on all the popular channels.

We can help your company to become far more visible online, by establishing a presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other major networks and, more importantly, help you to leverage this increased exposure to great effect. Unlike many SEO consultants, who often get caught up in the minutiae of the business in which they are involved, we never forget that turnover and profits are far more important to our customers than raw statistics such as Facebook Likes and YouTube views.