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PPC Audits

If your company already has a pay-per-click account with Google, Bing or one of the other major online players, you may be interested in our PPC Audit service. We can perform a detailed audit that will examine not just the performance of your account but the fundamental structure behind your campaigns, which can have a big effect on how well each one performs in the long run.

Maximising Your ROI

In our experience, it is only those companies who are dissatisfied with the current performance of their pay-per-click campaigns that approach us to perform an audit to identify potential problems with their strategies. However, it is also our experience that even the most successful of campaign strategies can be fine-tuned in order to obtain more exposure without increasing the monthly spend so it is well worth having an audit performed whatever your thoughts on current performance may be.

How Our PPC Audits Work

There are many factors that we will analyse when performing an audit on an existing PPC account, the most important of which are listed below.

  • Keywords and Phrases – If you are not using the right keywords, you are wasting a lot of money. We can make sure that your advertisements contain the best performing, most relevant words and phrases for the products or services you are selling.
  • Ads – Is the actual copy that you are using effective or not? If it doesn’t draw visitors in, compelling them to click on your adverts, then it will need changing.
  • Landing Pages – Are you using the best landing pages on your site? You can increase conversion rates by using different pages or making changes to the ones you are currently using.
  • Negative keywords – Pay peer click is all about targeting the right keywords and part of that is finding words that you do not want to trigger your ads. We will look at your history and speak to you to find those negative keywords.

Our review of the current performance of your PPC campaign will help us to pinpoint any issues that need addressing and turbocharge your online advertising strategy.